Thought Pieces


    In college at Penn State, my roommate majored in Psychology.  I chose English.  Upon graduating, we both joined the Marines and, early in our careers, lamented over the fact that neither of us felt like we were getting much out of our degrees.          Ten years into my career, I flirted with the […]

Seeing a Better World

    Would you believe, how you see the world comes down to your understanding of physics?          I cringed when I took physics class my senior year of high school.  It was a requirement for graduation and, as was my habit back then, I put off the difficult things until the end.  For me […]

Right Now: The Power of One Person

RIGHT NOW: THE POWER OF ONE PERSON          During the third week of March, 2020, I made the bold and slightly cavalier decision to fly across the country, from North Carolina to California.  The world was laboring under the new reality of masks, and stores were selling out of hand sanitizer.          I was going […]

Pen to Power: Elevating Your Writing from Passion to Profession

Embarking on a career in writing and authorship is a journey filled with potential but also challenges. The transition from simply jotting down ideas to making a significant impact in the literary realm demands more than raw talent. It involves a strategic approach that combines creativity, business insight, and effective networking. This guide presented by […]

How to Find Inspiration and Positivity in a Mid-Life Crisis

Hey everyone!  Happy 2023!  I hope the New Year has started off on a great note for you.  I’m thrilled that Love Letters to the Virgin Mary has been so well-received.  Besides going to #1 on Amazon on multiple categories when it launched on December 8th, it also cracked Barnes and Nobles’ Top 10, and […]

Living Like You’re In a Movie

All the world’s indeed a stage And we are merely players Performers and portrayers Each another’s audience Outside the gilded cage –Limelight, by Rush Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about the idea of turning your life into a movie. This week, we’re going to take it a step further and speak to the […]

How to Turn Your Life Into a Movie, Act 3: The Trilogy

The original Star Wars franchise was the first trilogy that I remember. Way back in the 70’s, there were numerous Planet of the Apes films and seemingly an endless number of movies with either Roger Moore or Sean Connery playing James Bond, but Luke, Han, and the rest of the heroes of the rebellion were […]

How to Turn Your Life into a Movie: Act One

In this post, I’m going to share with you the first of a multipart series on how you can turn your life into a movie. You don’t need to move to Hollywood. No auditions are needed. In fact, you already possess much of what you need to get started.

Journey To Israel – Part Six

In this blog, I’ll cover day six of my trip to Israel, which was spent seeing some remarkable sites along the Mediterranean coast. I’ll share my reflections on the trip, and then I’m going to leave you with a sneak-peek at the cover for my next book.