The #1 Secret to Mastering Absolute Certainty

Hey everyone! Here we are with the final post on the power of absolute certainty, and how you can use this power to literally transform your life and live the life you previously only imagined.

To wrap things up, I’m going to share with you the #1 secret that is essential to mastering absolute certainty.  From there, we’ll explore some of the pitfalls and how to overcome them.  To highlight this secret, I’m going to go back through ancient history and share a story from the time of Julius Caesar.

The story goes that in 55 BC, when the Romans invaded what is present day England, Caesar ordered his legionnaires to pull their boats from the water.  Once they were dry, he ordered them to burn their boats.

His message was clear: we will be victorious, or we will die here.  The Romans conquered England.

This story highlights the power of resolve.  What is resolve?  Simply put, resolve is when we eliminate all other possibilities.  We say, this is the outcome I am committed to and I will find a way, or I will make one.

Thomas Edison’s attempts over two years to invent the light bulb is one example of resolve.  Henry Ford’s eighteen months in driving his engineering team to create an eight-cylinder engine (which they said was impossible) is another great example of resolve.  It took the United States eight years to fulfill John F. Kennedy’s 1961 pledge to put a man on the moon.  That showed tremendous resolve.  So, why do people have a challenge being resolved?

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution that only lasted a few weeks?  Maybe it was to go to the gym every morning.  You might start out strong the first week but then what happens?  It’s cold, and waking up an hour earlier than normal stinks.  You’re tired.  Eventually you start sleeping in, and tell yourself you’ll go after work, or you’ll really make sure you get out of bed tomorrow.  After a few weeks, it becomes a negotiation.  I should go to the gym, but I really didn’t sleep well…I’ll go tomorrow.

We end up “shoulding” all over ourselves.  One of the keys to resolve is making our “should’s” our “must’s”.  When we must do something, we will find a way to get it done.

The first challenge people have in harnessing resolve is clarity.  People aren’t clear on what they want.  If you make a resolution to lose ten pounds, what happens when you accomplish it?  Some people will stop going to the gym.  Then what happens?  They put the weight right back on.  Gaining clarity means focusing on lasting change.  It means I am shifting away from a version of me that was sub-optimal and planning to sustain a new level of excellence in my life.  Instead of having a goal of losing ten pounds, what if the goal were to transform your life into one where your health and vitality give you boundless energy to do the things you enjoy?  Both those goals are doable.  One is a goal on a scale; the other is a lifestyle change.  That is the power of clarity.

On a personal note, I gained tremendous clarity on my journey in becoming an author.  It took me eleven years from the time I left active duty in the Marines before I published my first book.  In that time, I wrote hundreds of pages.  I spent hours writing, struggling to teach myself the art of captivating storytelling.   As much as I imagined myself being a horror writer, when I gained clarity and understood my first book was going to be self-help, I didn’t hesitate.

Here’s the catch. Just because you’re clear on what you’re wanting to achieve, that doesn’t mean the realization of your goal is going to be easy. Your resolve will be tested and, if you think about it, that makes sense. Absolute certainty, like anything in life, is a journey. Anyone who has ever accomplished anything was transformed by the experience…how do we know? Because we use lightbulbs every day, and because every Ford vehicle has a factory logo fashioned after Henry Ford’s signature. Would we know about Edison if he hadn’t invented the light bulb, or Ford were it not for the eight-cylinder engine? Would we look at the moon with the same fascination if the U.S. hadn’t landed astronauts there? We would not.

The bigger the dream, the greater the test of resolve. The greatest gift any one of us can give ourselves or share with others is when we dream so big, it consumes us. That’s where tremendous growth is. That’s Edison. That’s Ford. That’s Elon Musk and Sara Blakely. I used to think I wanted a comfortable life until I realized…an extraordinary life comes at the expense of being comfortable.

The last area people struggle with in embracing resolve is identity.  People will go to extreme lengths to stay consistent with how they define themselves.  Part of that is evolution.  The human brain has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, and its primary purpose is survival.  People create boxes through which to navigate their lives…think of your comfort zone.  Have you ever set a big goal for yourself and when you started to realize that goal, got scared?  You were experiencing a new level of success that didn’t match what you were accustomed to.  That’s when people self-sabotage themselves.  It’s like people have an internal thermostat and a preferred temperature.  When they get too hot or too cold, they will find a way back to their comfort zone.  So, what’s the remedy?

Incantations.  Incantations, when used consistently, can transform your life.  Through embracing the power of sound (your voice) and emotion, “I am” statements can literally reprogram your mind.  Incantations differ from affirmations in that emotion plays a critical role in incantations.  Saying an “I am” statement without emotion is useful but using the energy of emotion is what bakes those statements into your physiology.

Once you’ve created incantations for yourself, go on a walk and say them out-loud to yourself, or go for a run.  Saying incantations with energy and emotion while using your body is an accelerator to embodying your statements.  Don’t worry if people look at you funny…you probably won’t see them again anyway.  If they ask you why you’re talking to yourself, tell them you’re transforming your identity!

You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem.  Said another way, to be a version of yourself you’ve never been, you must stretch yourself by thinking things you’ve never thought, and by doing things you’ve never done.  That’s where all growth occurs…on the edge of your comfort zone.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on the power of absolute certainty.  The magic of absolute certainty is it doesn’t matter what others believe about you.  It matters what you believe about yourself.  Burn your boats. Conquer the island.

I’m taking April off from blogging as I’m thrilled to be making a trip to Israel to visit the holy sites, Roman sites, and take a dip in the Dead Sea!  If you follow me on Instagram (davidrichardsauthor) I will be posting pictures and videos during my trip to share with everyone.

I hope to have a couple of guest bloggers upon my return in May, expect The Lighthouse Keeper will be on Audible by then, and may have an update on the love story I have been waiting all my life to tell.  Until then, I wish you the best of the seasons wherever you are in the world.  Live bravely!


Written by David Richards

#1 International best-selling author, life strategist and speaker on personal development.