Please provide an example of a change that has impacted the way you lead as a Team Leader:

“Deeper learning about myself, how I may be perceived, and where I can improve. Show my agility by elevating and aligning equally my channel expertise to executives, peers, and partners.”

“As a new leader, David taught me a lot. I have learned to be more structured in my approach to providing leadership to all of my team. I have learned to provide a platform of learning and engagement to all of my reports as they differ in learning styles and coach-ability. I have become more accountable to my calendar and my team’s time. We shared a few different tools and tricks to help me achieve this.”

Please provide an example of a change that has impacted the way you lead as a Team of Teams Leader:

“Gained further insight to areas of personal brand to help raise my confidence to “lean in” and make bold moves – Starts with Trust, Character, Competence, Confidence, and Credibility. Reinforce my competency to have courage to challenge myself and others every day.”

“I take more time to think about my actions and words before taking action or speaking up. I used to just speak my mind without taking into consideration who was in the room. Now I sit back and let my peers and leaders speak as best I can, let everyone else get their thoughts on the table and assert myself strategically.”

Did your coaching experience exceed your expectations?

“These sessions will help me set clear objectives for business discussions, meetings, etc.: Focus on demonstrating confidence, executive presence and setting proper tone for the meeting. Be confident, demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the business through listening first, deliver my expert insight, and drive ideas for execution.”

“It did flat out. David and I had a great bond and frankly prior to meeting him, my expectations of doing this virtually, were not very high. But David is very interactive, engaging and he cares. Very organized and thought provoking. Great job D!”