The most underutilized resource on the planet is imagination; we live in a world that has largely been dominated and shaped by left-brained pragmatism. It’s time to bring balance to our lives while bringing balance to the planet. I believe every human being has untapped reservoirs of imagination within them. Once engaged, this imagination will transform our future into one where everyone understands, abundance is their natural birthright.


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Topic Ideas

  • Mastering the Internet & the Power of Hyper-Focus – How Quantum Thinking is the Next Big thing!

  • What I did for Love – How I Overcame Childhood Trauma to Create the Most Beautiful Story I Could Imagine

  • Removing Doubt – Learn How to Stop Thinking Twice

  • Why Men Should Hire a Nutritionist – How Learning To Cook Makes You Appreciate What You Eat

  • What To Do When What You Want To Do Isn’t What You’re Good At. Accomplish Anything! How to Master the Power of Absolute Certainty

  • The Power of Purpose – Define Your Destiny

  • Commit To Your Future – Master Your Mindset and Become Unstoppable

Living the first 36 years of his life in and around the military, David never imagined he could be something more. Fifteen years after he left active duty, he is a corporate executive, yoga instructor, #1 international Bestselling author, and public speaker. He’s just getting started. We live in a world that is producing, exchanging, and consuming information at a rate unprecedented in human history. David will teach you the power of Quantum focus and show you how to realize your dreams.

“Unraveling the Mystery of Your Mind Shine the Light On Those Hidden Fathoms of Increased Consciousness… Be Your Best.