Cutting Negative Elements Out of Your Life and Creating a Better You

As mentioned in my previous post, Brad Krause is guest-blogging and sharing how to remove negative elements from your life.

It’s natural to feel that the only way to improve ourselves is by adding more to our lives. While pursuing activities and taking on new responsibilities can be fulfilling, purging negativity has the same potential. Take stock of what’s filling your days. Then, when possible, drop the parts that are holding you back.


According to a survey conducted by clutter experts, 54% of the nation’s inhabitants have too much stuff and struggle with unloading it. These individuals instinctually understand the mess is causing an inability to focus and provides a health hazard. Set a date every Spring for an annual purge.

If you’re having trouble parting with physical objects, you might have a hoarding disorder. Seek a professional with related experience. For those who have no compunction about tossing old items, decluttering should make the task less painful. Sell unwanted valuables online for extra cash, or donate them for a dose of good juju.


The money you earn from ridding yourself of belongings you no longer desire will fatten your wallet. That said, the odds are high that you still need a job. Perhaps your current occupation is causing stress and unhappiness. Everyone deserves to end each workday feeling fulfilled. Be honest with yourself about whether the time has come for a change.

Your hunt for a new career begins with building a resume. It’s easier to create one that sparkles when you take advantage of free online resume templates. There’s one for every type of applicant; pick the one that speaks most to you. After that, it’s a snap to add text and images. Choose colors that make your personality shine through, yet make sure everything’s still clean and concise.


If you’re having trouble gathering the fortitude to seek a new career path, your hesitation might stem from negative comments. Some thrive on psychologically wounding others. Internalizing hurtful words can be emotionally crippling.

Instead of letting barbs marinate in your subconscious, replace them with powerful quotes that provide motivation. Another popular option is attending an all-day workshop with David Richards that inspires you to pursue your dreams.


Harsh language can trigger lifelong phobias. Some are so great they manifest as generalized anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. When these conditions are severe enough, they stop us from living our lives to the fullest. Counseling sessions are traditionally a part of the solution. If your schedule doesn’t allow traveling to visit a professional, consider the convenience of speaking with an online therapist.

Exposure therapy is an incredibly effective way of banishing apprehensions. Through this technique, patients confront the focus of their dread until uneasiness disappears. Not all exposure therapy is the same. One style includes the use of virtual reality. Now that VR has spread to the consumer market, what once was impractical can now be experienced from home.

Prioritizing Others

Some overly focus on the necessities of those around them. Caring for loved ones and those in need is admirable. That said, neglecting ourselves in the process is counterproductive. Set aside time for your passion. Post reminders around your home that you cannot fix the world without tending to your emotional needs first.

Excising that which is unfavorable remains vital for anyone seeking a more satisfying life. Mull over these suggestions and decide which will foster a more contented existence.

Guest blog, written by Brad Krause